Cameraoperator                                  $400-$800 A DAY

($200 Minimum Charge)


Editingoperator                                   $200/hr

($200 Minimum Charge)

         -FINAL CUT PRO 

         -PREMIERE PRO CS5

Graphics/3DHigh end                          $270/hr

($270 Minimum Charge)

         -MAC PRO 12CORE

         -Photoshop CS5

         -After Effects CS5

         -Cinema 4D

         -Illustrator CS5

Graphicsoperator                                 $100/hr

 ($100 Minimum Charge)

           Includes scanning of artwork, logo and photo retouching,

         Photoshop creation.

Contract JobsEditing & Graphics


         -Will be quoted on a job by job basis

         -Can work to a budget

Mileage will be negotiated per job or 65 cents/km

Prices are GST exclusive