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Providing Highly acuret digital Enhancements for your court case

About Media Forensics

we produce high-quality video and photographic enhancements for court cases in New Zealand,

With more the 20 years of professional media experience in the television/feature film industry, we understand to a very high standard the mechanics and structure of images and video.


With the ability to communicate the technical aspects visually, to help present themselves with the most detail available to your case.

If you are a Barrister or legal team then we can help you with your case,

Service Name

We can create, capture, manipulate, enhancement and manage your digital assets (images, video and audio), 

  • Footage enhancement

  • Footage enlargement

  • Focus Graphic overlay for point of interest

  • Photographic enhancement

  • Photographic enlargement

  • Focus Graphic overlay for point of interest

3D Crime scene reconstruction
  • Produce accurate 3-dimensional crime scene renders (high res still as well as animations) 


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